St. Joseph Ellinwood, KS and Immaculate Conceptoin Claflin, KS

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Confession: Sacrament of StoryPodcast
by Fr. Terrance W. Klein
Confession is exactly what Saint Augustine called it. It is prayerfully telling God about our lives, so that, in the sound of the story, we see where God has been all along. We see that God has been stalking us, even through sin and sadness.
Date: 8/30/15
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The Road Not TakenPodcast
by Fr. Terrance W. Klein
Some choices can be changed, but the ones that really matter will always leave their effects. They make us who we are. To walk away from them would be to lose our very selves.
Date: 8/23/15
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How Real Is Your ChristPodcast
by Fr. Terrance W. Klein
How real is your Christ? Some, even weak believers, seize upon him as an idea and make of him what they will. They’re inspired by him, like one might be of Shakespeare. The man or woman of faith, however, is more than inspired. The believer is seized by Christ. The initiative is his. We find ourselves, constantly yet unexpectedly, standing before a person, exclaiming “I didn’t know you were there.”
Date: 8/21/15
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Hungry GrassPodcast
by Fr. Terrance Klein
Life-giving love demands much of us, at times it even wounds us, but in the end it feeds us. It is bread for life. It is of the Christ.
Date: 8/10/15
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