St. Joseph Ellinwood, KS and Immaculate Conceptoin Claflin, KS

Meet RCIA Candidate Maria

By Daphne Doll

Marie Maestas is a new face you may have recently seen in our church. She is currently going through the RCIA program and is excited about becoming a Catholic this spring. When asked what she hoped to gain by joining the St. Joseph family, she said, “I want to have a more concrete faith and become a better follower of Christ in general.”

Marie is a Junior at Ellinwood High School, where she is involved in basketball, softball, choir, and forensics. Along with her many activities, Marie works at Woodhaven and All Staff Nursing. “I love my job, and plan to go into the nursing program through Wichita State University,” she said. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends.  

Marie lives with her mom Teresa Schmidt. Her siblings include her sisters, Nicole and Tayler, and baby brother Spencer. Her family moved to Ellinwood three years ago, right before her Freshman year. A friend introduced Marie to the Catholic church and she attended for a few months before deciding she wanted to become Catholic. “I was looking for what religion I wanted to be a part of,” she stated. “My parents let me choose. I went to the Methodist, Baptist, and some non-denominational churches as well.”

As Marie’s sponsor, we ride together to Claflin for RCIA classes every Wednesday evening. We usually leave right after basketball practice, grab a quick bite, then head out together. Marie has found that everything discussed during class fairly easy to understand, except for our desire to ask the Saints for their intercession. I hope that when you see Marie at church, or around town, that you will introduce yourself and continue to pray for her. She is looking forward to what lies ahead. “I am overall really excited to become Catholic because I want to have a stronger faith. The Catholic Church has tradition and answers I have been looking for.“